How to Make an Essay: Everything you need for your creation

When facing How to Make an Essay there are many questions that cross the mind of a student.

All those who went through secondary education, or those who still are, know how cruel the wordessaycan be in the beginning.

It is normal that a teacher, after having explained well how to write them, returns the essays with a lot of indications.

And how to make an essay is an issue that has a nuance much more important than having a good spelling or reflect a set of information on a specific topic.

How to Make an Essay is really a process where you can reflect all your thoughts on a specific topic.

In this article you will be able to discover the most important keys so that you can write an integral, deep and very wellsupported essay.

Please be assured that if you read this text correctly and patiently, you will not have any doubts about how to write this type of written work.

Just as it is important to learn English or to learn French, learning how to do an essay can open many doors at an academic and professional level.

The type of test

There are several ways to structure and focus the writing of an essay.

The most outstanding will always be the one referring to argumentative, where you not only inform the reader about the topic you are going to develop, but you also dare to give a wellfounded opinion and citing the points of view of other authors, in order to give credibility to your idea.

For example, you can work on a topic about global warming, explaining how pollution has generated this phenomenon over the decades.

Throughout your essay, you could enter to discuss why companies are not interested in committing themselves to this issue, arguing about their economic interests and their cynical solution to pay fines for their environmental impact.

Meanwhile, the other type of essay has a much more theoretical and illustrative objective.

Your mission will be more informative, letting you know that you have correctly delved into a topic.

How to Make an Essay of this style implies, for example, that you explain about the impact of new mobile technologies on society.

Your focus on this type of essay would be limited to a coherent review of how smartphones and tablets have radically changed people’s lifestyle, both for good and for bad.

You do not have to justify anything, nor solve a question when it comes to How to Make an Essay of this type.

Only inform intelligently and making use of sources.

Immersing the reader in the subject

The first step to take into account when making an essay has to do with the introduction.

The idea is that you can synthesize in a few paragraphs the subject in which you have decided to reflect.

And it is said that a few paragraphs, because a good essay should not exceed an average of five pages; If you extend too much, it becomes an investigative article.

Take for example that your article will be based on the reasons why there is a legend that the human being did not reach the moon in the year of 1969.

The essay should then create the expectation, taking as reference the most significant facts of the moon landing, as it can be the phrasea small step for a man, a great leap for humanity“.

Ideally, make use of content endowed with images in words, to make it more striking and easy to read. You can talk, for example, about: “The gray sands of the moon were filled with traces, the oxygen tank marked with an American flag and the flagpole stuck to the surface ».

How to Make an Essay with a good introduction is complemented with official data.

In this case, bear in mind the dates, the time the moon landing lasted, the speed with which the lunar module landed.

The knot

Now it’s time to justify your reasons.

It is about giving your opinion based on the voice of authors who have discussed the topic you chose.

In the case of the trial on the moon landing, which is a very sensitive issue to this day, your task would be focused on analyzing the pros and cons on this theory.

In all likelihood you will not come to an absolute truth about this dilemma.

And there’s no point in you starting to justify questions like: “is that the flag moved when placing it on the surface, which is impossible because there is no gravity“, or, “is that if Neil Armstrong was the first to step on the moon , Who was filming the scene? ».

Getting to discuss this, regarding How to Make an Essay, will not lead you to any conclusion.

But surely if you can find authors who think that the moon landing served as a perfect strategy for the United States to position itself in front of the Soviet Union; since both governments competed on the same field, amid the tensions of the Cold War.

With that kind of point of support, if you can channel what the sources say and give more realism to the subject of the essay.

It is about justifying the question with reasonable ideas.


The outcome occurs when, after collecting a set of justifiable reasons, you decide to give it a final thrust.

In general, the outcome answers a specific question established in the knot.

Moreover, with regard to How to Make an Essay, at this point you can give your opinion in a more objective way, bearing in mind that you have already added enough points when citing your sources.

If we continue with the logic of How to Make an Essay with the theme of the moon, the question established in the knot about why it was arrived or not reached the moon, must be solved in an intelligent way, maintaining a balance between the one and other.

Then you come to a conclusion, where you do not necessarily have to consider that your truth is absolute.

In many occasions the How to Make an Essay can be closed with a conclusion that simply sow suspicion, that provokes the reader to open his mind and motivate himself to understand another point of view of what he has always considered as truth.

The latter is what is often achieved with the type of informative essay, where a subject is explored and explained with such coherence, that the reader has no choice but to accept with pleasure the chair that you were able to give him.

Relying on the sources

It is always necessary to take into account the point of view of other authors.

Otherwise, the How to Make an Essay becomes a simple opinion, something that is transformed into the simplicity and poverty of phrases likeI believe that“, “I imagine that“, “it is probable that“.

If you get to that point your ideas may be very bright, but if you do not back them up, they do not show seriousness.

The sources are absolutely necessary to demonstrate first of all that you know a topic and that you have a clear point of view.

The essay acquires in this way a research validity, it allows you that your idea has a total coherence and weight, so that what you have in mind is intelligent and understandable.

This aspect of the use of sources represents the issue that most determines that a trial gets a bad grade by a teacher.

Teachers always insist that it is necessary to quote the sources that are what most nurture the essay.

But students often commit the sin of remaining in the personal opinion, in the subjective.


Finally, what most gives validity to everything related to the sources is found precisely in the bibliography.

The style of the bibliography varies according to the type of presentation you choose.

The most traditional norms are the socalled APA, while in certain Hispanic countries the Icontec Standards are used.

There are also the Chicago Presentation Rules.

These rules are the only thing that they represent is the way in which the reference to an author must be ordered.

Some, for example, begin by referring to the author’s last name, then to the book title and then to the publisher.

In others the same model is followed, but only the publisher is named towards the end.

If your written work is text for your secondary education, chances are that your teacher is not so demanding in this regard.

While you manage to quote the bibliographical references in an organized way, rest assured that you will obtain a good grade.

If instead it is a university text, it is best that you take as reference some of the previously indicated standards.

Do you have any doubts?

Throughout this article on How to Make an Essay you have been able to comprehensively understand all the aspects that determine the validity of an essay.

In fact, we have used some examples that allowed you to have a more entertaining idea about the experience of writing this type of texts.

Even so, if you want to have a totally global vision of what it means to write an essay, an excellent option would be to receive the chair and the classes of a professor in a Udemy portal.