10 guides to write academic essays

If you are faced with the challenge of developing an essay, read these 10 guides to develop an academic essay, and present your ideas in the appropriate format and style.

According to the philosopher Walter Benjamin, “the essay is the game of theory“. It is the text in which an author exposes and develops his ideas, both objective and subjective. Almost all college students should write an essay sometime, and these should conform to certain standards of style and format. For this reason, we bring you 12 free, downloadable guides in Spanish to develop an academic essay:

1. Basic guide to prepare an academic essay

Prepared by the teacher Wilmer Casasola R. of the Universidad del Valle, this brief and simple guide covers all the stages of preparation of an academic essay, from the cover to the bibliography.

2. Guide to writing the essay

It is a manual prepared by the Spanish teacher Yolanda Gamboa, from Florida Atlantic University, which presents some strategies to improve the quality of the tests.

3. Basic manual for essay writing

This free and free manual, prepared by the SM Publishing Foundation of Mexico, has the task of providing the necessary keys to produce a quality essay. It is a complete and meticulous guide, covering all stages of the writing and review process.

4. Guide for the preparation of an academic essay

It is a guide generated by teachers from the University of La Salle Victoria, with the aim that their students have a practical guide to write an essay adapted to the expectations of the institution. Enter this link to read the document.

5. Manual to prepare an academic essay

The Peruvian teacher Luis Catacora Lira, of the Institute of Public Pedagogical Higher Education, developed a practical manual that offers practical guidelines on the definition, requirements, structure and process of preparing an academic essay.

6. Guide for the preparation of essays

It is a document addressed to the students of the Degree in Social Anthropology of the Autonomous University of Yucatan, although students from all the institutions can benefit from the suggestions offered.

7. Technical guide to prepare an essay

Teachers of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Autonomous University of Querétaro elaborated this practical and simple manual about the characteristics and conditions that every academic essay must have.

8. Guide for the preparation of an essay

This guide, which follows the guidelines of style and format provided by the American Psychological Association (APA), was designed to provide students of the Catholic University of Costa Rica with a practical and complete manual to prepare research reports in the form of essays.

9. The academic essay: a guide for the preparation of academic essays in social sciences

Prepared from the University of Huelva, this guide offers everything you need to know about writing an academic essay, especially if you come from the field of social sciences.

10. How to write an essay or philosophical article

The essay is a type of text used to transmit knowledge in all types of disciplines, including philosophy. This guide, elaborated by the University of Salamanca, presents the ideal language and structure to produce a philosophical essay.