Concentrate when it comes to studying

The specialist in Educational Sciences with an emphasis in Psycholinguistics (graduated from the District University), Félix Antonio Gómez, coordinator of the Research and Development Field in Cognition, Learning and Education of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, classifies in two the factors that determine the level of attention in a person while studying, personal and environmental.

The teacher states, however, that the factor that generates the greatest obstacles is the desire to attend more than one activity at a time for a long time, “it is true that for short periods of time we can do more than one activity simultaneously, but as As the minutes go by, we become more inefficient, we have to say it to young people: we are not multitasking, the best thing when studying or working is to attend to one task at a time “.

These are the two factors that influence the level of attention when studying:

Personal factors:

Interest: “the more interest the subject of study awakens, the higher the level of attention reached”.

Need: “A pressing need to master a subject can serve as an incentive for the student to maintain longer periods of attention and ask about how to write my essay fast .” When the interest and need converge, the young person can have the impression that everything flows without major inconveniences.

Discipline: “But, no matter how much interest or need, the discipline of study is a crucial factor Unfortunately, today, the term discipline is often accompanied by negative evocations, partly because it has been misunderstood and partly because advertising sells an image of success achieved without effort. “

Environmental factors:

Characteristics of the place where the study is carried out, which can generate discomfort; the sound and visual stimuli that can be the source of distraction; the presence of other people who can contribute to diverting attention from the task that develops, among others.